Dale Watson Interview

Sa Daleom sam napravio email interview. Pitanja je postavio dio čitateljica i čitatelja Crountry.com

Did You first start to sing and then learned to play guitar, or was it the other way around, or maybe both at the same time?

Both really, though playing see to have to happen first.

What’s the story about  sticking coins on your Tele?

I did a European,Scandinavian and Australian tour and just before the Euro was to start and I realized all the coins I had from the tour would be worthless. I decided to put them on the guitar as a reminder of where I have been.

How do You feel about your music being called alt country?

Okay by me , I guess I am an alternative to country music.

How did You come up with Ameripolitan?

I wanted a name that was roots (Ameri ) and not country by todays country definition ( politan)

What is one thing that You’re most proud of in your career?

Being a regular performer on the Grand Ol Opry.

What do You think about today’s country music scene?

I think it sucks in general and is a corporate pimp.

Which contemporary country musicians do You listen to, if any?

I don’t, though there are a lot of Bluegrass acts that I enjoy.

What is your favorite country song?

Too many to pick just one, it depends on my mood. Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell , Ray Price , Bob Wills and Conway Twitty can suit me for the most part

Which country music legends did You play with, and with which ones would You like to play if You had the chance?

Haggard, Willie, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and as of July I can add Ray Price. Loretta Lynn would be one I’d like to add.

Who’s Your favorite country singer (male/female)?

Lefty Frizzell

Do You think You are more popular in USA or in Europe (regarding awards You’ve received in Great Britain and Netherlands)?

Europe as far as awards, but the USA I perform more TV and major concert arenas.

What about your fiddle player, he played on Truckin’ sessions, why is he not coming to Europe?

Economics, I let him go.

What are your expectations for the concert in Zagreb, if any?

I hope an enthusiastic crowd.

Thanks Dale, and keep it REAL Country!

That’s it, thanks

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